build1 W1S1 [bıld] v past tense and past participle built [bılt]
1¦(make something)¦
2¦(make something develop)¦
3 be built of something
5 build bridges
Phrasal verbs
 build something around something
 build something<=>in
 build something into something
 build on
 build up
 build up to something
[: Old English; Origin: byldan]
1.) ¦(MAKE SOMETHING)¦ [I and T]
to make something, especially a building or something large
The purpose is to build new houses for local people.
The road took many years to build.
They needed $3m to build the bridge.
It is the female birds that build the nests.
Developers want to build on the site of the old gas works.
a row of recently built houses
build sb sth
He's going to build the children a doll's house.
2.) ¦(MAKE SOMETHING DEVELOP)¦ also build up [T]
to make something develop or form
She had built a reputation as a criminal lawyer.
She's been busy building her career.
Ross took twenty years to build up his business.
build (up) a picture of sb/sth
(=form a clear idea about someone or something)
We're trying to build up a picture of what happened.
3.) be built of sth
to be made using particular materials
The church was built of brick.
4.) ¦(FEELING)¦ also build up [I and T]
if a feeling builds or if you build it, it increases gradually over a period of time
Tension began to build as they argued more frequently.
In order to build your self esteem, set yourself targets you can reach.
5.) build bridges
to try to establish a better relationship between people who do not like each other
Peter needs to try and build bridges with Lizzie.
build around [build sth around sth] phr v
to base something on an idea or thing and develop it from there
Successful businesses are built around good personal relationships.
build in [build sth<=>in] phr v
to make something so that it is a permanent part of a wall, room etc
You could build in a wardrobe with mirrored doors.
build into [build sth into sth] phr v
1.) to make something so that it is a permanent part of a wall, room etc
There are three cash machines built into the wall .
2.) to make something a permanent part of a system, agreement etc
Opportunities for reviewing the timings should be built into the plan.
build on phr v
1.) build sth on sth
to base something on an idea or thing
Our relationship is built on trust.
2.) build on sth
to use your achievements as a base for further development
The new plan will build on the success of the previous programme.
3.) to add another room to a building in order to have more space
build sth<=>on
We're planning to build on a conservatory.
build up phr v
if something builds up somewhere or if you build it up, it gradually becomes bigger or greater
build sth<=>up
The museum has built up a fine art collection.
the rate at which the pension builds up
2.) ¦(DEVELOP)¦
build sth<=>up
to make something develop or form
build something<=>up into
He's built up the family firm into a multinational company.
3.) ¦(FEELING)¦
if a feeling builds up or if you build it up, it increases gradually over a period of time
If you don't express your feelings, frustration and anger can build up.
build up sth
You have to build up trust.
build sb/sth<=>up
to make someone well and strong again, especially after an illness
Taking exercise will build up your strength.
5.) ¦(PRAISE)¦
build sb/sth<=>up
to praise someone or something so that other people think they are really good or so that they have more confidence
The coach has been building his men up before the match.
6.) build up sb's hopes/build sb's hopes up
to unfairly encourage someone to think that they will get what they hope for
Don't build your hopes up too much.
build up to [build up to sth] phr v
to prepare for a particular moment or event
I could tell she was building up to some kind of announcement.
build 2
build2 n [singular,U]
the shape and size of someone's body
a woman of slim build
You're a surprisingly strong swimmer for one of such a slight build .
I wanted a more athletic and muscular build .
COLLOCATES for sense 1
slim/slender build
slight build (=a body shape that looks thin)
stocky/sturdy build (=a body shape that looks broad and heavy)
muscular build
medium/average build
strong build
athletic build

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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